If you are responsible for a building in any way it is important you provide the right measures for safety. This is so you can protect occupants, visitors or any people who come into contact with your building. It is both a legal requirement to do so and it also makes good business sense. The fire risk assessment Kent businesses need to carry out must comply with UK law. Working with professional fire assessment consultants like Risk Safety Services ensures this.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

The Fire Risk Assessment Kent businesses need to carry out regularly involves carefully looking around the premises and the people using them, with fire prevention in mind. The premises are assessed and analysed, and the assessment is about understanding and recognising the potential risks and ensuring the right fire safety precautions are in place.

Why should you carry out Fire Risk Assessments?

If you are an employer, occupier or owner of premises which is defined as anything but a “single private dwelling” (a private home) then you are legally required to carry out a fire risk assessment. It is your duty to identify the fire risks and hazards in your premises.

If you employ or have more than five people working on the premises the fire risk assessment also needs to be written down. Effective fire prevention helps to ensure your business can recover should the worst happen too.

How is Fire Risk Assessment Carried Out?

Fire risk assessment is a process anyone can carry out, but professionals ensure it is done to the highest standards and meets legal requirements. It broadly covers the following things:

  1. The identification of fire hazards
  2. The identification of people at risk
  3. The evaluation, removal and reduction of risks where possible
  4. The recording of findings, preparation of emergency plans and organisation of staff training
  5. The regular reviewing and updating of fire risk assessments

Inspectors from the fire service can choose to assess any premises at any time. They will check risk assessments fully as part of their duty to keep people safe from fire. If they find a premises to be unsafe or the assessment to be missing or lacking information, the business may have to be closed so safety measures can be put in place.

Risk Safety Services provide fire risk assessment and consultations to businesses across Kent. We work to ensure businesses have the correct risk assessments in place and that they are suitable for the premises. We can carry out full fire risk assessments on behalf of your business and provide the relevant record documents too. Contact us today to discuss your business’ needs.


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