Fire risk assessments need to be in place for all businesses. Carrying out an assessment may seem straightforward but there are certain boxes to tick which may not be something you’re aware of unless it’s your main line of business. When choosing fire risk assessment consultants Kent businesspeople have a range of choices, but first it is important to understand why risk assessment is so important. Below are some of the key reasons:

It is a Legal Requirement

All businesses need to provide a suitable fire risk assessment to comply with the Fire Safety Order (2005). Beyond this, fire assessments must be regularly updated to comply with law as not keeping them up to date is just as dangerous as not having them in place at all. Reasons for an update could be as simple as investing in new equipment, changing the layout of your premises or because of extension, conversion or repurposing of your premises in any way. Annual fire risk assessment updates should be carried out as a minimum.

It reduces the Risk of Fire

As you would expect the core reason for fire risk assessment is to minimise the risk of fire and prevent it altogether where possible. A fire risk assessment involves professional consultants analysing and identifying any hazards within your workplace as well as identifying the people at risk. Professional fire assessment consultants help to locate and identify hazards and discuss practical methods for preventing the potential fire risk they cause. At Risk Safety Services we can also help record the findings, prepare emergency plans and reduce the risk of fire.

It instils Confidence and Peace of Mind in your Staff

Companies who show the best due diligence and commitment to safety in the workplace have more motivated and confident staff. Taking your fire risk assessment seriously helps to show your staff that you are a reliable employer than can be trusted. Your staff are given confidence about your commitment to protecting their safety.

It can save Money for the Business

The many fire risk assessment consultants Kent business people have to choose from work tirelessly to ensure a safe work environment is provided. Without guidance and pointers from professionals like our team, business owners may consider replacing whole smoke detection or sprinkler systems when only minimal changes or repairs were needed. We help you choose and find the right fire prevention and protection methods for your business and you may find what you require is much less costly than what you were planning.

Risk Safety Services provide regular and one-off fire risk assessments for businesses around Kent. We work with businesses, local authorities, schools and more to ensure they have the right protocols in place should a fire occur. If you need to update your fire risk assessment or are a new business putting together your documents for the first time, our fire risk assessment consultants can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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