The health and safety needs of small and large businesses across Kent and the wider UK do differ according to many factors. Despite this, there is always the chance of an audit or inspection. If this happens, you want to know your business is properly prepared. The health and safety inspection Kent businesses face may come from industry bodies or government officers from the Health and Safety Executive. Professional teams like ours at Risk Safety Services can perform inspections routinely. This helps to ensure your business is meeting all requirements to keep employees and visitors safe.

Regular health and safety inspections help to find any areas where changes may be necessary. They may also highlight improvements to continue running a successful and safe business.

What is a Health and Safety Inspection?

A health and safety inspection or audit is an independent and methodical assessment of the business’ systems and processes in place to meet health and safety standards. Most inspections are documented. This ensures you have proof of their taking place. Inspections may result in a pass or they may offer improvement suggestions.

What are the aims of the Inspection?

The inspection is designed to find issues before they become serious problems or risks. They will aim to look at a range of factors including:

  • How effective the current health and safety system is
  • How the system is performing within the organisation and whether it is fit for purpose
  • Whether the system fulfils legal requirements in terms of health and safety for the business in its industry
  • Whether the system is properly reviewed, and reviews are carried out regularly

Why do Health and Safety Inspections Matter?

Once you have gone to the time and effort of ensuring you comply with health and safety legislation, it is important to ensure these standards are maintained. Utilising an independent service provider to check your standards helps ensure an unbiased view. Inspections are also important because the reduce the risk of potential injury or accident, limit material and capital losses for the business and can help to build customer and employee confidence.

Risk Safety Services for your Health and Safety Inspection Kent

Risk Safety Services provide a range of consultancy and inspection services to businesses across Kent. Our qualified teams and inspectors are available to fully assess and audit your business and provide any steps for improvement before looking them over again. To discuss your business needs contact us today.

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