Risk Safety Services not only provides consultancy services but also offers health and safety online courses. Utilising our courses means you can learn a new skill and get accredited.

We offer a wide range of interactive and educational compliance training courses. These help you to quickly and effectively learn about health and safety alongside wellbeing requirements. Successfully completing a course produces an accredited certificate so you can demonstrate your competence.

Health and Safety Online Courses Catalogue

There is a wide range of health and safety online courses to choose from.

Manual Handling Awareness Access

In this manual handling awareness course, you will learn about the risks involved in manual handling and how to reduce them. This includes safe lifting, carrying and moving techniques as well as team lifting and automation.

Pandemic Awareness

This course is aimed at all employees, freelance workers and contractors. Pandemics can impact on everyone so we all benefit from having a greater understanding of how to mitigate risks.

Ladder Safety

This course is aimed at anyone who has the need to use any type of ladder when carrying out their tasks. This includes anyone who only uses a ladder infrequently and those who use a ladder every day.

Food Safety Level 2

This course is aimed at anyone who works with food. This includes anyone who prepares, serves or handles food. It is a level two course so you should have a basic understanding of the food preparation and serving environment.

Once you complete the course and you pass, choose from having your certificate emailed to you or printed in a frame and posted directly to your door.

To start, simply choose a course, pay online and pass the assessment so you can receive your certificate.

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Contact us  about any questions you may have about health and saftey courses online, via email at info@risksafetyservices.co.uk

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