Do you need Health & Safety documents at the click of a mouse? If you do, then Risk Safety Services provides health and safety downloadable documents.

We have a wide range of templates, which are professionally drafted, clearly written and easy for you to edit. Create your own tailor-made documents to suit your requirements. We include risk assessment forms, health & safety policies, statements and procedures.

A well-written policy can help to reduce your insurance payments.  This is because your insurers can see that you can demonstrate your company’s responsibilities to health and safety.

Health & Safety at Work

It is important for all employers to have a health and safety policy in place.  For those companies with more than 5 employees, it is a legal requirement. Make sure that you have the correct health and safety documents in the workplace and that they are not out of date.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the legislation dealing with health & safety in the workplace.  It is usually governed by local authorities who make the necessary checks and visits to companies.  This ensures that the rules and regulations of the act are complied with.

A health and safety policy should be written by someone in your place of work.  This person is preferably someone who has taken a course in health and safety and is aware of the responsibilities. The templates you can download will help you to create a policy which is clear and easily understood by the workforce.

How the Health and Safety Downloadable Documents Work

In order to download the templates, you want you can either buy now or subscribe to the service.  This is an affordable fee of £99 per year. This enables you to make an unlimited number of downloads during the course of a 12-month period. This will include forms that have been updated or any new forms that are added.

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