Disability access audits are now more commonly known as access audits. They are simply the assessment of any building or service and the accessibility it offers to disabled people. Access Audits are part of the Equality Act 2010. At Risk Safety Services we can help ensure your business meets the requirements of the Act. We can also ensure that your disability access audits are comprehensive enough.

The law states that employers must make reasonable adjustments to their workplace premises or activities on their premises to ensure people are not discriminated against. These adjustments should also ensure the work environment provides equal opportunities. Once we have carried out a disability access audit on your premises, you may find you need to make “reasonable adjustments” to comply with equality legislation and meet accessibility standards.

Understanding Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable adjustments can be quite far reaching. However, they usually refer to changes in practices, policies or procedures which otherwise would make it unreasonably difficult, or impossible, for disabled people to use your service or access work on your premises. Reasonable adjustments can include the provision of additional aids and services to support disabled people. Examples of these include services such as audio tapes, induction loops and sign language interpreters’ availability. Furthermore, reasonable adjustments can require an organisation to make changes to their premises structurally. They may require you to overcome physical barriers by providing a reasonable alternative method or making changes to the premises or its layout to improve access. The individual circumstances will change from premises to premises and also depend on the services offered.

What do Disability Access Audits Entail?

Our specialist consultants will assess all areas of your premises for accessibility. It will take into consideration the physical accessibility of your premises as well as other factors and look to ensure your premises meets the needs of your employers and visitors. We can also provide recommendations for alterations and changes to ensure your business premises meet accessibility requirements. The Equality Act can apply differently to different types of business and service provider, and we can help you understand what is relevant to your organisation.

Disability Access Audits are vital for businesses committed to accessibility. They are also important for ensuring businesses are universally accessible for all. No two businesses or organisations operate in the same way. Our experts regularly assess businesses in all industries. Each audit will fully inspect and assess your building, environment and service provision. We ensure your business operating in the most effective way in terms of accessibility. Some businesses may find they need to make significant changes to reach accessibility standards, but often small, inexpensive changes can make all the difference and improve an organisation’s accessibility.

Risk Safety Services provide businesses with disability access audits on a regular basis. These audits are a useful tool for any business looking to revaluate their current accessibility level and find ways to become more accessible where applicable. Get in touch today to discuss your business needs.

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