According to the latest government figures, around 14% of people in the UK live in flats versus single-family homes. This figure varies, however, dependent on where people live; perhaps not surprisingly, for example, more people live in flats in London than anywhere else in the UK. This includes purpose-built flats or home conversions. If these flats are available for rent, they must have a full risk assessment. Here, we look at what a risk assessment for flats in Kent involves.

Legal requirements for completing a risk assessment for flats in Kent

A risk assessment for flats in Kent is not just a ‘nice to have’; it’s a necessity. Landlords, or agents acting on their behalf, have a statutory duty to reduce levels of risk for tenants and their visitors. They must, for example, meet the requirements of the 2004 Housing Act and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Regulations 2005. Completing a risk assessment for flats in Kent will help ensure they meet these legal requirements.

What to include in a risk assessment for flats in Kent

Risk assessments will vary dependent on the property. However, in general, they include:

  • External structure, e.g. is the building structurally sound or are there areas needing repairs?
  • Internal structure, e.g. are hallways well lit and free from clutter that can lead to accidents or fire risks.
  • Fire safety, e.g. making sure the correct fire safety equipment is in place and in good working order, and fire exits are clearly marked and free from hazards.

Completing a multi-occupancy risk assessment in Kent

It’s important to remember that risk assessments are not only about identifying risk. They are about rating those risks, their likelihood, and the actions it will take to reduce them. As a result, they can be more complicated than they first appear. It is a good idea, therefore, to engage a Health & Safety specialist such as Risk Safety Services who have the skills and experience to ensure compliance. To find out more, contact them today on 0343 523 0410 today.

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