Taking your health and safety training online is an excellent way of making it more accessible. eLearning for health and safety training is ideal for ensuring your staff can access the training they need from any location. It also allows them to work at their own pace. Health and safety training is mandatory, and your company should give it the priority it needs. However, with no care or consideration, health and safety training can be something employees dread and even pay little attention to. Taking steps to make it more engaging and employee-centric is essential.

Risk Safety Services offers various health and safety training courses, including many online options. Let’s explore the benefits of opting for eLearning.

1)      Convenience

eLearning for health and safety courses is convenient for the learners and often for employers too. The downtime involved in arranging days away from the workplace for training can be costly. It can mean you have to spread the training over several days or even weeks to ensure consistency for everyone but the workplace is still adequately staffed. eLearning doesn’t constrain employees by forcing them into the classroom and allows them to take their online training at their own convenience.

Many employers offer payment for employees to complete their training in their own time or pay for them to do it during working hours on the premises. This is effective and ensures everyone receives adequate training.

2)   Increased Engagement

Many eLearning courses are much more engaging and interactive than you’d expect. They encourage learners through video and graphic content. They also create an engaging learning environment. In addition, courses can use role-play or videos from real-life incidents to support any learning.

3)      Consistency

If you require all employees to carry out the same eLearning health and safety training, the level of understanding should be consistent across all learners. You can onboard employees using the same eLearning provider as those doing refresher courses further along with their career with your company. However, uniformity is not something instructor-led training can guarantee, as all instructors have their own approaches.

4)    Better Monitoring

Health and safety training via eLearning is something you can closely monitor. If you expect employees to complete specific modules in a set timeframe, you can quickly check whether it has happened. It makes it easier to chase up any stragglers and ensure you meet all necessary requirements for your staff being fully health and safety trained.

At Risk Safety Services, we offer a wide range of eLearning courses for general health and safety training. We also offer more specific industry-focused programmes. Get in touch if you need more information or discuss course options for your business.



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