Having a Fire Risk Assessment in Kent

Every business in the country will have to consider their fire safety plans. Because a fire risk assessment Kent is a legal requirement, it is essential no matter your industry. Here at Risk Safety Services, we are specialists in fire consultancy. Because of this, we can help answer all your risk assessment questions. If you are wondering why your business needs a fire risk assessment Kent, and what an assessment involves, read on for our expert guide.

Why have a Fire Risk Assessment ?

A fire risk assessment is a thorough review of a commercial premises. It includes assessing the fire risks and offers recommendations for where you can make additional safety measures. Because the legal requirements vary depending on the building, a fire risk assessment may be a written document.

Buildings that are regularly occupied by less than five people do not require a written assessment; however, it is advisable to do so anyway. This is because it is an easy way for the findings to be communicated and makes sure that you complete any recommendations and remedial actions.

What Are The Legal Requirements Of A Fire Risk Assessment?

Every business premises is required to have a fire risk assessment, and so there are some specific guidelines that you should follow;

  • Regularly reviewed: Fire risk assessments should receive a regular review. It is recommended that you review at 12 monthly interviews after an initial assessment.
  • In writing: As discussed, if there are more than five regular occupants of a building, then a written assessment is required. You also need a written assessment, if the premises require a licence or a fire brigade instructs you to have an assessment.
  • Record main findings: There are two parts to any risk assessment; the review and the recommendations. You should record conclusions from both of those parts so that you can take appropriate action.

Do You Need A Fire Risk Assessment in Kent?

Here at Risk Safety Services Ltd, we are specialists in fire risk assessments and based in Kent. To find out more about our services and how we can help your business, get in touch today on 0343 523 0410.


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