The manufacturing industry is rife with safety hazards and risks that need addressing. Risk safety for manufacturing in Kent is a top priority for any company in the industry because it helps to keep employees safe. There are many factors that create safety risks for employees, so we are looking at the top four risks in the industry:

Electrical Risks

Engineers and electricians are often exposed to electrical hazards in the workplace. This could be because of unlocked electrical panels, exposed wires or poorly installed equipment. Risk safety for manufacturing in Kent can help businesses to identify, assess and reduce these risks quickly.

Machine Guarding Risks

In the manufacturing industry, many workers need to operate heavy machinery on a regular basis. Correct machine guarding is essential for keeping these employees safe at work. Because improperly installed guards are dangerous, they are a severe risk to everyone involved.

Falling Risks

One of the most common safety hazards in the manufacturing industry is falling, and so appropriate measures must be in place. Falls can lead to severe injury or death, and risk safety can help prevent this.

Poor Maintenance Risks

Machinery and equipment must be properly maintained so that staff are kept safe during use. If the equipment isn’t properly maintained, it is a risk of serious accidents. Even equipment with safety features installed can be dangerous if they are not appropriately maintained.

Risk Safety For Manufacturing In Kent

If you are looking for help and guidance with risk safety for manufacturing in Kent, then get in touch with our specialists. We are experts in risk assessments and can work with you to guide you through the process. You can benefit from a dedicated risk health and safety consultant who will work to understand your business and the risks involved.

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