School Trip Risk Assesment Template – Download for Teachers


  • Lack of inoculations against diseases, infectious or otherwise if travelling abroad.
  • Allergic reactions to: Poisons, stings or bites.
  • Attack, mugging or robbery while travelling / driving in a foreign country.
  • Road traffic accident due to poor driving standard in country visited.
  • Faulty road vehicles.

Lack of security resulting in

  • Attack, mugging or robbery on visits or while in accommodation.
  • Street crime, local scams, theft, muggings

Learner / s lost or separated from group due to inadequate supervision.

Indirect/remote supervision (Includes field work, souvenir shopping, theme parks, historic sites, etc.)

Children of staff.

Exposure to weather conditions such as:

  • Sun UV heat,
  • Cold and / or wet conditions.


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