Have you considered updating your School Risk Assessment document recently?  The Global Pandemic has brought Health and Safety to the forefront of people’s minds more than ever before.  Risk Safety Services are experts in school risk assessments and will work with your education setting to deliver the correct policies so that you are fulfilling your legal obligations.

Risks Assessment within Schools

There are many questions when managing a school risk assessment but adhering to the laws and regulations is essential.  Risks can occur in many settings from school trips to science lessons and sport to school bus use.  A school risk assessment is vital for local authorities, governors, and trustees to identify and manage risks.  Working with Risk Safety Solutions will assist schools in Kent in making the school safe for staff, pupils, and visitors alike.

HSE has compiled a list of frequently asked questions that can be useful when creating or updating a risk assessment.  With so many regulations and critical aspects to implement, the support of our team of professional Health and Safety Consultants will make the process much clearer and easy to follow.

How Risk Safety Solutions Work

Experts at Risk Safety Solutions liaise with the responsible person to identify risks and support the school in taking reasonable steps to make it a safe environment.  We will guide you through the process because we, like you, want to help your school be a safe place.

Risk Safety Services offer two solutions to ensure your school risk assessment is up to date including;

  • Carrying out your risk assessments on your behalf, completely eliminating any hassle.
  • Supporting you through the process by providing the forms and training employees who will be carrying out the analyses. We will also comment on completed assessments.

We have also created useful school risk assessment documents which can be downloaded here.  These include risk assessments for activities such as country walking trips, lone working, and removal of graffiti.  The wide range of templates are professionally drafted, clearly written, and easy for you to edit to suit your requirements.

Risk Safety Services in Kent will work alongside you so that you can successfully implement your school risk assessment document. For more information on risk safety for schools in Kent and how we can help, call us on 0843 523 0410 or email us at info@risksafetyservices.co.uk.

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