Risk Assessment For Schools In Kent

Here at Risk Safety Services, we offer a huge range of downloadable documents for the various requirements in relation to risk assessments for schools.

On the School Risk Assessments page of this website, you will find that we’ve already organised the resources into both a ‘search’ and ‘list’ facility.

This means either way you prefer to locate a fact sheet dedicated to your area of concern, we’ve got it covered.

Let us highlight for you exactly what’s available to you within one of the most compreshensive sections of our range of products and services.

List of downloadable documents for schools

Take a closer look at our list of downloadable documents for schools.

Trips & Excursions

  • All educational visits including abroad
  • Boat trips on canals rivers and lakes
  • Bouncy castle and inflatables
  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Castles and historic monuments
  • Caves or underground explorations
  • Country walking
  • Gorge scrambles, river walks or activities in water
  • Farm and zoo visits
  • Fishing trips
  • Lightweight camping and DofE
  • Offsite visits including coastal locations
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor rock climbing and abseiling
  • Paddling in open or natural waters
  • Pond and river studies
  • Private vehicles
  • Remote or indirectly supervised walks
  • Residential accommodation
  • Ski and snowboard excursions
  • Swimming pools
  • Team building exercises
  • Travel by rail (including underground)
  • Theatres, museums, cinemas and galleries
  • Travel by ferry
  • Travel by aeroplane
  • Travel by coach or minibus
  • Travelling to/from educational visits
  • Visiting amusement parks

School Maintenance

  • Working in plant and boiler rooms
  • General decorating
  • Use of electricity and drills
  • Using hand tools
  • Using a hedge trimmer
  • Using leaf blower equipment
  • Use of company vehicles
  • Lone working
  • Use of a petrol mower/strimmer
  • Use and storage of petrol
  • Use of ladders and step ladders
  • Use of oils and greases
  • Use of plant machinery and tools for ground maintenance
  • Working at heights
  • Cleaning and litter-picking operations
  • Inspection and clearing of playgrounds
  • Cleaning high-level windows
  • Leaf-blowers and vacuums
  • Cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool
  • Emptying of bins
  • Inspecting fixed playground equipment
  • Minor repairs around premises
  • Replacement of plugs and fuses
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Grounds maintenance – boundary, grounds & trees
  • Glass and glazing in buildings
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Storage of equipment and materials
  • General carpentry and minor alterations
  • Use of pressure washers

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It’s a given that you will need more than one of these courses if not more than 10!

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