The sheer volume of people in the average school means the chance of accident or injury is extremely high. Add into the mix the number of children and the risk factor again increases significantly. Schools are places where there are many potential risks. Therefore risk assessment is crucial for peace of mind, as well as complying with law.

We provide risk assessment for schools in Kent. We help ensure our local educators are able to work safely and in environments which are prepared should an accident or injury occur. The right risk assessments not only mitigate risk, they ensure you have the controls in place to handle any unexpected incidents and accidents.

Balancing Risk and Learning Opportunities

All organisations that have five or more staff must carry out risk assessments by law. They also must be written down and properly recorded. Risk assessments must cover all significant hazards and in a school environment this can be extensive. Working with risk assessment experts and health and safety professionals ensures everything is fully completed to a good standard. At Risk Safety Services, we have worked with many schools and local authorities. Our work has helped to organise comprehensive risk assessments for schools in Kent.

School Risk Assessment Kent

Accidents and incidents in school are fairly common. However, as long as you follow the right processes and risk assessments, you can manage every incident safely. The local council often provide guidelines for schools. This is so they can ensure they are meeting the minimum standards but working with a professional partner ensures you have expert support.

Risk Safety Services Ltd provide comprehensive health and safety consultancy including risk assessment for schools in Kent. Ensuring the right procedures and controls are in place is the first step in creating a safe and secure place to work and learn.

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