Visits to theme amusement parks etc


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Product Description


  • Inadequate planning/ supervision/ risk management
  • Hazards specific to Theme Parks e.g. large crowds, boundaries encompass large areas.
  • Individuals getting lost.
  • Coach or mini bus access steps (Risk of falling while boarding or alighting the vehicle)
  • Injury as result of pedestrian collision with vehicle in car park
  • Fast moving rides
  • Confrontation with member of public (stranger)
  • Around park – periods of indirect or remote supervision
  • All accidents/ emergencies
  • Injury/Illness
  • Young person lost/ separated
  • Physically challenging rides
  • Medical/ Special needs/ Behaviour issues
  • Injury or Illness
  • Exposure to weather conditions such as:  Sun UV, heat, exposure to cold and / or wet conditions.
  • Persons becoming ill or injured.
  • Inadequate procedures leading to delayed help/support and deterioration of condition.
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