Use of a petrol mower or strimmer


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Product Description


  • Flying debris /stones / glass, Hazardous substances on floor surface such as Human / animal excreta / urine , syringes, needles becoming airborne due to strimmer rotation at high speed.
  • Contact with moving parts during testing, inspection, operation, maintenance, cleaning or repair.
  • Exposed rotating cord / cutter or rotating blade coming into contact with feet or other body parts.
  • Ergonomics- The use of the equipment may involve repetitive body movements and awkward positions.
  • Noise from equipment in use.
  • Vibration from equipment.
  • Uneven, slippery or steep work surfaces leading to slips & falls.
  • Obstacles in the vicinity of strimmer or mowing operations.
  • Collision between pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Outside working.
  • Temperatures- operatives working in cold / hot or inclement weather.
  • Fire and explosion- The storage and handling of petrol (e.g. refuelling) may pose a risk of fire and explosion.
  • Allergies – Grass, plants, hay fever, bees and wasps.
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