Travel by coach or mini bus


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Product Description


  • Defective vehicles
  • Driver error or Inappropriate driving leading to traffic accident being potential or otherwise.
  • Impaired driver performance – Fatigue / micro sleep leading to traffic accident.
  • Coach access steps (Risk of falling while boarding or alighting the vehicle)
  • Other vehicles – motor vehicles and cycles. (Risk of being struck by vehicles, cycles etc while alighting from coach)
  • Vehicle door opening onto ‘wrong side’ of the road (e.g Europe)
  • Impaired driver performance – Distraction leading to traffic accident.
  • Impaired driver performance – due to stress.
  • Travel sickness – Body fluids (Risk of contamination and subsequent illness following direct contact with bodily fluids)
  • Injury whilst vehicle is in motion due to persons falling and collisions.
  • Luggage falling from overhead luggage racks
  • Misbehaviour – Injury to self, others inside coach, or passers-by.
  • In event of breakdown or accident, additional collision with vehicle, or with passengers during evacuation.
  • Stopping-off points / breaks in the journey Individuals separated or lost.
  • Confrontation with a member of public.
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