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Product Description


  • Unsafe working practices at height while using ladders / stepladders resulting in falls from height or work equipment falling from height
  • Hot / cold and wet weather
  • Slips, trips or falls due to poorly placed work equipment or accumulated rubbish or substances.
  • Increased likelihood of slips trips and falls on site during hours of darkness or inclement weather.
  • Insufficient workplace lighting or power cut.
  • Exposure to paint, wood/metal dusts while sanding down of woodwork etc. before painting
  • Incorrect use of cutting tools
  • Paint / varnishes splashes on the body or face
  • Manual handling
  • Use of flammable materials.
  • Spillage of solvents etc.
  • Use of cleaning / sealing chemicals, adhesive sprays and other materials held in pressurised containers.
  • Inhalation of paints and varnish fumes
  • Erection of ladders / stepladders on PVC dustsheet leading to falls from height.
  • Lack off first aid facilities or unable to summon assistance in case of medical emergency.
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