Many businesses aren’t even aware they need the help of a health and safety consultancy until it’s too late. It is unfortunately the case that many business owners don’t recognise just how important it is to comply with health and safety legislation until there has been accident or injury.

Do you employees know how to work safety? Do you know how expensive it can be if an accident occurs? Smaller businesses can find themselves completely destroyed by the cost of an accident. Often because they weren’t keeping their health and safety responsibilities in mind. Even a small trip or fall can see an employee or third party owed a large compensation sum. If your business had just been prepared you may have been able to avoid this.

Risk Safety Services Health and Safety Consultancy

At Risk Safety Services we specialise in health and safety. We understand and fully believe that you need to protect the people who work for you and your customers. A positive approach to health and safety in your workplace supports business growth and employee motivation. Continuous professional development and training are key to creating this environment, and we can help in both these areas.

As professionals in health and safety, we can provide full health and safety consultancy for your business. You may only need a little refresher training or you may need support from scratch, crafting your health and safety policy, planning risk assessments and more. We can help in any instance and can also offer services such as audits and inspections and fire risk assessment.

Risk Safety Services provide a wide range of different packages and options of health and safety consultancy, simply get in touch today and we can go through your requirements. We have solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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