Fire Risk Assessment Kent

It is a legal requirement that your business or commercial premises (including blocks of residential flats) has a fire risk assessment in place. The fire risk assessment Kent businesses and properties have in place can be improved and audited by the experts at Risk Safety Services. However, many want to know why they need official fire risk assessment in place, especially when they believe they are operating safely. Below is a closer look at why.

What the Law says about Fire Risk Assessment

There are specific guidelines that must be following when it comes to your fire risk assessments, the law requires that:

1.      Your Fire Risk Assessment is reviewed regularly

Regularly is a broad term but you should make sure your assessments are up to date on an annual basis to be sure. You should also carry out new assessments at least every five years. There should also be a new assessment if there are any major changes to the building. Additionally, be sure to carry out a new fire risk assessment if the building’s use changes dramatically.

2.      If you have 5+ Occupants, It Must be Recorded in Writing

If your business or block of apartments has more than four residents at any single time, you require legal documentation of your fire risk assessment. Best practice suggests always keeping a paper copy in any event but you must ensure this is the case in these circumstances. You must also ensure the fire risk assessment is written down if your premises needs a licence or if the fire brigade has specifically instructed you to do so.

3.      Findings and Actions must BOTH be recorded

Whether you write this down or not, you must produce both the main findings of your risk assessment and the action to be taken on these findings. The two parts work as follows:

  • Initially you need to produce a review which is the fire risk assessment itself and should incorporate any risk points and hazards
  • Then you need to produce your recommendations or points of action to make sure the premises is fire safety compliant

You must act on the recommendations or points of action to ensure a fire safe environment.

Risk Safety Services: Fire Risk Assessment Kent

Risk Safety Services specialise in fire risk assessment for Kent businesses and premises. We can work with you to ensure your fire risk assessment is a fair and full process. We can also assist you with the actions you need to take to become compliant. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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