Any building you own and allow people to operate a business from requires numerous policies to be in place. A Landlord’s buildings risk assessment is a legal requirement.

Risk Safety Services can provide ongoing support to landlords because our business keeps up to date with the latest legal requirements. We can provide relevant information so you ensure your premises are compliant with the requirements.

Landlord’s Building Risk Assessment – Our Services

As a landlord, you must protect people on your premises from harm. This includes taking reasonable steps to protect your workers and others in the workplace. It will help you manage risk and protect people.
The HSE has laid out some crucial steps to follow so you are creating a safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors. It also provides templates so you have clear guidelines to follow.

As a landlord, you must consider many aspects of your premises so you are completing a complete assessment. Every workspace or site is different. However, there are common themes when assessing risk. Risk Safety Services has worked with clients of all sizes and in many different sectors so we can very quickly identify risks. We can establish which are present in your environment and what constitutes a more unique level of risk. This could be based on the location, type of work being undertaken or the tools and machinery required to complete the job.

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Risk Safety Services can provide a landlord’s buildings risk assessment. We can also provide ongoing consultancy for added peace of mind. Our experts will work with you and establish the required policies and procedures for your workplace.

Trust the experts at Risk Safety Services for all of your health and safety needs. Contact us today about any questions you may have on 0843 523 0410 or email us at

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