All Hot Works carried out on the company premises are subject to a permit-to-work.

A permit to work is defined as a specialised safe system of work through which certain activities can only be carried out by an authorised person.

Permits to Work are an essential and important way of ensuring the health and safety of employees, contractors and others. They go towards ensuring a company fulfils their duty of care.

Hot Work refers to any work which involve temperature that could lead to fire and/or the ignition of flammable substances or combustible materials. It also includes work that involves using naked flames, sparks that are generated, or smoke or fumes which are created.

Below are the key Hot Work areas where a permit to work is required:

  • Brazing and soldering;
  • Working with bitumen boilers;
  • Electric arc welding;
  • Gas welding or cutting;
  • Hot air welding;
  • Disk cutting in confined spaces and areas where there is risk of fire or explosion.


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