Is Your School Compliant With Current Health And Safety Laws?

Health and Safety for schools is an important aspect of the training requirements for every member of staff.  From part time assistants right up to the school head, everyone working in a school needs to know how to keep themselves and the children safe.   As you would expect, schools are heavily regulated when it comes to Health and Safety, and as a Responsible Person (RP), it is your duty to ensure that you keep on top of all your obligations in respect of Health and Safety for schools in Kent.

A busy workload can make it very easy to fall behind with your compliance, as regulations are changed and updated numerous times a year. Keeping track of how well your school is meeting its Health and Safety obligations can be a time-consuming business and a distraction from day to day teaching duties. To make sure you are not missing any of your obligations, you can enlist the services of a professional and independent Health and Safety Consultancy.

The legislation that protects the Health and Safety of schools is vitally important to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children in your school as well as staff, parents and other visitors.  Don’t put yourselves at risk – may sure you are always compliant with your Health and Safety obligations.

Health And Safety In Kent Schools

Health and Safety for schools in Kent, requires a focused approach to identify how everyday risks are managed. To effectively maintain successful Health and Safety policies and procedures in schools you need to be able to strike the right balance.  You need to be able to ensure that real risks are managed, without stifling the opportunities for learning experiences, and of course, fun!  Sensible Health and Safety management should be straightforward but as a member of school staff, putting this into practise every day can difficult.

Failing to meet your Health and Safety obligations puts students, teachers and visitors at risk of injury. The laws that govern how schools meet their obligations cover the following areas:

  • Identifying and managing the risks to members of staff
  • Identifying and managing the risks to pupils arising from school activities
  • Identifying and managing the risks to visitors and contractors

Health And Safety Training For Schools In Kent

Here at Risk Safety Services we deliver Health and Safety expertise, advice and guidance to schools in Kent.  Our teams of highly qualified, expert consultants will work together with you to ensure that your school always meets its obligations.

We can provide your school with the tools it needs to ensure the safety of everyone who works, studies or visits.  You will quickly and easily be able to meet your obligations, and record any incidents that do occur.  We can even visit your school in the first instance to undertake a Health and Safety Audit, before compiling a bespoke plan of action to help your school move forward.

We can also assist you by setting up your management systems, writing your policies and carrying out general and specific risk assessments; all tailor made to suit your school environment. We are experts in our field and can supply your school staff with easily accessible training sessions, as well as the tools to manage and report your Health and Safety communications.

Our fully qualified team can also assist you with:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Assessments
  • On-site training sessions tailored to your requirements
  • Equipment installation
  • Planned/reactive maintenance
  • Fire alarms and emergency light design
  • Fire equipment servicing
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire doors maintenance
  • Inspection and repairs
  • Consultancy

Whatever your school’s Health and Safety requirements, the helpful and friendly team at Risk Safety Services can help.  Call us today on 0843 523 0410 to find out more.

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