As the hospitality sector begins to open up once again, it is more important than ever to hold a Health and Safety Report for Restaurants in Kent.

Risk assessments form a significant part of delivering a safe working environment, including front and back of the house. As with anything risk-related, it is about identifying and managing the risk.

A written assessment of risk in any workplace activity is a legal requirement where there are 5 employees or more.

Assessing risk is acknowledging the presence of a potential issue that could occur.  However, like all aspects of health and safety, it requires a sensible approach to understand what actually constitutes a real and credible concern.

Health and Safety Report for Restaurants in Kent

Whilst every hospitality site is different, there are common themes when assessing risk. We can very quickly identify which common risks are present and what constitutes a more unique level of risk. This could be based on the location, facilities or equipment being used in the kitchens.

The Law

Health & Safety Executive guidance details a 5-step approach to conducting risk assessments.

Identify the hazards present in the workplace.
Identify those at risk from the hazards.
Evaluate the danger, taking into account the likelihood of accidents.
Record findings on a suitable form.
Review the assessment on a regular basis or when things change.

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We offer a range of services including writing a Health and Safety Report for Restaurants in Kent. We can carry out your risk assessments on your behalf, completely eliminating any hassle. Alternatively, we can provide appropriate forms and train employees.

For more information on our expert services, please contact the Risk Safety Services team today.

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