Folkestone is a busy and popular port town with many reputable businesses and thriving enterprises. Each one of these organisations must ensure they comply with health and safety. The regular health and safety report Folkestone businesses need will help to ensure any issues are picked up before they become a significant problem. Health and safety reports are a consequence of assessment or auditing of your business premises. They are also a chance to fix or improve any issues before they become a serious concern and result in problems.

Health and safety audits are a fundamental check of your company. They go beyond safety inspections to include an assessment of your safety policy, risk assessments, training and all aspects of how safety is managed in your company.

As Risk Safety Services we always offer new clients a full assessment and health and safety report. This helps give us a better picture of your business’ position and how we can help. Our audits are all carried out by experienced health and safety consultants. They look closely at how your business complies with relevant legislation. Our audits thoroughly review your organisation’s health and safety policies, arrangements, and management systems.

Health and Safety Reports and Action Plans

Once we your audit is complete, our team provides a full assessment report. This health and safety report will analyse all the information and provide recommendations for changes and improvements. You may find there are very few changes necessary, or your business may need significant improvements to comply with relevant health and safety legislation. In all instances our consultants can work with you to make the necessary changes and bring your business up to standard.

Why Work with Professionals for your Folkestone Health and Safety?

There is no legal requirement to bring in anyone to help your business with its health and safety requirements. Therefore, you are completely within your rights to carry out your own risk assessments. However, we find many business owners are not specialists in this field. They also do not have the intimate knowledge of the legislation like our specialised and qualified consultants. It is possible to carry out adequate assessments without professional support, but you are much more likely to miss a critical hazard. Consequently, this could prove dangerous or become a serious problem if you are subject to a health and safety inspection by the HSE.

Working with specialist consultants like our teams provides you with complete peace of mind. We provide comprehensive health and safety consultancy services to businesses across Folkestone. We carry out assessments and complete reports to help your business meet all regulatory requirements and keep your premises safe.

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