Over 1.3 million working people were reported as suffering with a work-related illness in 2016. A further 144 workers killed in the year too. All of these issues are health and safety concerns and at Risk Safety Services we have made health and safety our business. With a local focus and a real passion of health and safety in Kent we ensure your business has the advice, guidance and training it needs to succeed and stay in line with legislation, protecting employees and others related to your business.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that if your company has five or more employees it must have a policy on health and safety. This policy must adhere to certain guidelines and all employees must be aware of the policy, reading it in full.

Smaller businesses may not know where to begin or find it difficult to get started putting together an adequate health and safety policy. Thankfully this is one of the areas we can help in. Risk Safety Services can work with your business to establish an effective and fully compliant policy which combines your general and specific risk assessments from Manual Handling to COSHH and Fire Safety to HACCP.

Once your policy has been put together we will also work with you to provide training sessions. This helps to ensure your staff are aware of policy. We can also offer auditing services to Kent businesses too.

Health and Safety Kent

We want you and your employees to have as much awareness as possible when it comes to health and safety. We also want to ensure you have the risk assessments and precautions in place should the worst happen. Health and safety can be seen as an obligatory requirement but you should think of it a more than that. It is an essential element of a healthy and motivated work environment. It also ensures your staff are happy and safe at work, which transfers onto your customers.

We work to ensure the healthy and safety Kent businesses offer is of the highest level and business owners

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