The health and safety of your clients, customers and of course, employees, must be a priority as an employer. Health and safety inspections in Kent happen on a daily basis with councils instructed to ensure all businesses are operating safety. Beyond this, businesses who truly care about providing a safe work environment will be sure to regularly inspect and audit their premises.

How often should health and safety inspections be carried out?

Good business practice when it comes to inspections will depend on your individual business. Some companies recommend every few months, other higher risk premises may want to schedule monthly inspections. The more frequently you carry out checks, the sooner you will find any issues which need addressing. It helps minimise problems becoming serious or being picked up in formal inspections carried out by external bodies. You should have a sensible plan of action in place which includes:

  1. A scheduled programme of inspections to maintain standards.
  2. Designated staff to oversee inspections
  3. When to work alongside professionals in health and safety to ensure the best results.

Health and Safety Inspections

Regular health and safety inspections in Kent ensure your business is operating safely and legally. They are an important monitoring technique to ensure you meet the standards necessary by law and any internal standards you have set. Utilising an external service like ours ensures the health and safety inspections are formal and properly structured. The inspection involves examining the working environment and the tasks employees do each day. The inspection serves to identify any hazards, especially those which do not have adequate controls. Once identified, these hazards can be controlled, and the risk minimised.

Our chartered consultants provide comprehensive health and safety inspections in Kent which include:

  • Visual observations of the workplace
  • Assessing health and safety policies
  • Assessing risk assessments
  • Discussing with the employees and management
  • Assessing training procedures

Once the inspection is complete, businesses receive a full report, including recommendations. You may find you have a lot of work to do to reach the standard needed by law or you may only need a few changes. We are happy to use our expertise and work with you, providing guidance on how to improve your business’ health and safety.

Your Kent business is an asset you should be proud of. This means you should protect it as well as you can. Neglecting health and safety regulations puts your business at risk, as well as creating a hazardous environment for your employees, customers and guest. Contact us today to see how we can help with your health and safety inspections in Kent.


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