All business owners have to have an understanding of health and safety in the workplace. Similarly, all employees need to understand their rights and also their responsibilities. Health and safety training is something mandatory most people do at the beginning of their time with an employer. Still, understanding health and safety in the workplace in more depth helps to make sure it remains a priority for everyone.

What is Health and Safety in the Workplace?

Occupational health and safety is the coverall term for programmes, procedures, and guidelines to protect workers’ safety and health. It should create a safe work environment. Companies with a good  reputation for health and safety attract better quality clients.

Good health and safety procedures create a more effective workplace. They can help prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury and illness amongst your employees. The costs incurred due to sick leave, medical care and absenteeism also reduce with an effective program in place.

What does Health and Safety mean for Employers?

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of everyone who works for them. You have a legal responsibility to ensure your employee’s health and safety, which means a range of different things. Firstly, you should provide employees have adequate access to appropriate health and safety training and courses. They should also have access to industry-specific training and policies in many different industries.

Employers are also responsible for risk assessments which help ensure your premises and activities are safe for all. Risk assessments may highlight causes for concern or specific hazards, which allow you to improve and enhance the safety of your work environment. Employers should also spearhead health and safety campaigns and be a role model, ensuring their actions align with regulations and company policy. This sets an excellent example for the wider team and helps instil a culture of safety within your organisation.

Health and Safety Consultancy

Many businesses need a little support with their health and safety from time to time. However, most business owners are not experts in this field, so looking for help from consultants and specialists is a savvy business move. Risk Safety Services Ltd offer both realistic and competitive health and safety consultancy in the workplace. We work with businesses in a wide range of industries and offer realistic, transparent, and practical consultancy to help your business meet its health and safety requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your business’ health and safety and ensure you are operating in a compliant and safe way.

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