Whatever the nature of your business, if you have over 5 employees, you need to have the relevant policies in place. Considering health and safety in a wood workshop is essential due to the equipment and machinery on site.  There are many risks associated with this type of work so you must be aware of your obligations.

The Law

The Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is the legislation dealing with health and safety in the workplace. It is usually governed by local authorities who make the necessary checks and visits to companies. This ensures that the rules and regulations of the act are complied with because of the risks involved.

It is important for all employers to have a health and safety policy in place. For those companies that employ more than 5 employees, it is a legal requirement so you must have documents in place. Make sure that you have the correct health and safety documents in the workplace and that they are not out of date.  You also have an obligation to protect and look after your employees so you must act as a responsible employer.

Health and Safety in a Wood Workshop Essentials

A health and safety policy should be written by someone in your place of work. This would preferably be someone who has taken a course in health and safety and is aware of the responsibilities. Someone who is experienced in health and safety in a wood workshop is also able to consider all the elements needed.

More information on the requirements and risk assessments are available here.

A health and safety in a wood workshop document would usually comprise of three elements.

  • A statement outlining how safety procedures will be managed in the workplace.
  • How safety is to managed and who is responsible for safety procedures
  • How health & safety activities are managed.

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