Working with a professional health and safety consultancy partner provides businesses with the knowledge that their health and safety processes and systems are in line with legislation. Finding the health and safety consultant Kent businesses require will differ from business to business. At Risk Safety Services we are proud to work with Kent businesses in many sectors. The first question you need to ask yourself is what you need from your health and safety consultant, this could include:

  • Identification of health problems
  • Handling of harmful substances
  • Answering legal questions and challenges
  • Preparation of policies and procedures
  • Planning and organisation of safe workplace environments
  • Identification of stress and strain factors
  • Writing risk assessments and related documentation

It is possible to do these things for your business yourself but working with a professional partner ensures you can be assured that everything meets legal standards.

Finding a Health and Safety Consultancy

If you are looking to engage an independent health and safety consultant for your Kent business, then it’s worth looking in depth at your options. You should make sure to check their competence by looking into their qualifications, professional memberships and related information. Another clear indicator of a consultancies’ credentials is their reviews and recommendations. You may find they have great experience in one area but little experience relating specifically to your business and it is worth making sure you find a health and safety consultant who is used to working in your sector.

Risk Safety Services Health and Safety Consultants

We are proud to be a friendly, personable and professional company offering health and safety consultancy to businesses in and around Kent. We work with businesses who require risk assessment and planning as well as those who need full Health and Safety Action plans and training for their employees.

Our health and safety consultants are all professionally trained and highly experience. They have professional memberships and registrations such as Chartered Membership of IOSH, The Institution of Fire Engineers, Risk Health and Safety Training, International Institute of Risk and Safety Management   and OSHCR Consultant registry. You can also be sure they are friendly, personable and confident in sharing their knowledge with your teams.

Working with our health and safety consultants ensures a safer workplace for your employees. Contact us today to find out more and arrange your consultation today.

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