Kent has a busy and thriving business community and all businesses have a legal requirement to consider health and safety in all their practices. Understanding the ins and outs of health and safety is not always easy with a business working in a different sector which is why many companies look to work with a professional health and safety consultant in Kent.

If you’re looking for a health and safety consultancy partner in Kent Risk Safety Services do not disappoint. We work with businesses in many sectors and provide services of many different kinds to support businesses requiring different levels of support. What should you look for when choosing a health and safety consultant in Kent?


Finding a consultant who knows the ins and outs of different aspects of health and safety is essential. A good health and safety consultant will have a good understanding of many different aspects of the field, not just one area. They should be able to advise on fire safety, risk assessments, COSHH, HACCP and in many other areas.


A good health and safety consultant will have a reputation for the right reasons. You should be able to find reviews with ease. It should also be possible to easily contact former clients for recommendations and more information about the company.


When looking at health and safety consultancies you should be able to find one which offers a range of services. Many businesses aren’t entirely sure what their needs are for health and safety. Therefore, finding a company who offers a range of services makes the most sense. A real health and safety expert will work with you to choose from their services and find those which fit your business best.

Risk Safety Services are a well-known and high quality provider of health and safety consultancy. We work with your Kent business to help ensure you’re prepared and legally compliant with all health and safety legislation.

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