Recognising your Kent business could benefit from the input of health and safety consultants is a positive step. We offer the health and safety consultancy Kent businesses need. However, many people do not realise how valuable the input of a consultant could be until it’s too late. Businessowners simply don’t recognise how important health and safety legislation is but working with the professionals could change this.

Support understanding Health and Safety and your Business

Working with health and safety professionals helps ensure you get answers to all the questions you may have about business’ health and safety. Simple questions like “do your employees know how expensive even a small health and safety breach could be?” are something to ask yourself. Employees need appropriate health and safety training, and you are responsible for providing it. Without adequate training, you are not meeting basic health and safety standards.

Many small businesses find themselves unable to reopen or financially ruined by a health and safety breach. Being prepared can be the difference between closing down and being able to recover.

Health and Safety Consultancy Kent from Risk Safety Services

At Risk Safety Services we specialise in health and safety. We understand and fully believe that you need to protect the people who work for you and your customers. A positive approach to health and safety in your workplace supports business growth and employee motivation. Continuous professional development and training are key to creating this environment, and we can help in both these areas.

We can provide training in a wide range of health and safety areas and support your business through changes in attitude and approach to improve your records and compliance. We offer extensive training in different industries and for different safety measures.

Full Service Health and Safety Consultancy

We pride ourselves on our full-service approach, providing full health and safety consultancy for your business. However, we can also offer individual elements that your business is missing or help you on a one-off basis to ensure you are able to reach the required levels to be compliant.

Our clients come from all industries and all walks of life. Some needs only a little refresher training in health and safety practices. Others need full risk assessment support and guidance crafting their health and safety policies. In all instances, we’re here to help.

Risk Safety Services provide a wide range of Health and Safety consultancy packages.  Simply call us on 0843 523 0410 or use our contact form here and we can go through your requirements. We have solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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