All businesses need to be regularly audited to maintain their health and safety standards. The health and safety audit and inspection Kent businesses require is something we specialise in. As local health and safety contractors, we help businesses across the region audit and manage their health and safety. We also help to ensure they comply with all legislation. We can help your business be as compliant as necessary and be a safe place to work.

Councils are regularly required to conduct inspections of business premises in Kent. Therefore, you need to ensure your business operates within the law. Similarly, you should recognise and care about your duty of care to your employees and be committed to providing a safe place to work. Therefore, reputable and reliable employers regularly carry out health and safety audits of their premises.

How often should health and safety inspections take place?

The timeliness of your health and safety audits will depend on your business activities. Some companies recommend it every few months. However, other higher-risk premises may want to schedule monthly inspections. The more frequently you carry out checks, the quicker you will discover issues that need addressing. It can also help to minimise serious problems or issues in formal inspections carried out by external bodies. Ensure you have a designated schedule for audits or organise external companies such as ours to come in and check your health and safety provisions.

What our consultants look out for

When visiting your premises, our specialist health and safety consultants will audit your premises as if they were an external or council auditor. This ensures a full and comprehensive understanding of your business’ health and safety setup. Our inspections include:

  • Visual observations of the workplace
  • Assessing health and safety policies
  • Assessing risk assessments
  • Discussing with the employees and management
  • Assessing training procedures

After the inspection, you will receive a full report, including recommendations for improvement. Some businesses find they have a considerable amount of work to reach compliance. However, others may only need to make minimal changes. We are also happy to use our expertise and work with you to improve your business’ health and safety.

Regular Health and Safety Audit and Inspection Kent

Your Kent business should be something you are proud of, and this can be difficult if you know you’re operating unsafely. Furthermore, sometimes even small changes can make a considerable difference to the safety of your business. As a responsible business owner, you should want to run a safe and secure business that employees can be confident working in. Our experts are here to give you a helping hand and ensure your Kent business complies with all health and safety laws. Get in touch today to discuss your health and safety requirements.

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