Hundreds of thousands of people are ill or injured at work every year. Without the right health and safety assessment Kent businesses could find themselves liable for these cases of sickness or injury. Sadly, there are even examples of fatalities in the workplace and businesses without appropriate health and safety in place may find they face closure and significant financial and criminal consequences. We work with many Kent businesses to help ensure their health and safety assessments are appropriate and fitting for their premises.

Why Good Health and Safety Matters

Health and safety is vital and a legal requirement in UK businesses. However, it is also important to understand why this is. The benefits of sound health and safety procedures include:

1.      Improved Business Reputation

Businesses with a good health and safety record are held in higher regard by their clients and customers. If your business experiences regular incidents or accident reports, it will soon gain a poor reputation for health and safety, and this will reflect on wider thought about the company. With a reputation for keeping your people protected and caring about their health and safety, you’ll attract better clients and personnel.

2.      Improved Productivity

Accidents and injuries impact staff attendance and mean your productivity often falls. Good health and safety means fewer incidents and a healthier working atmosphere which can increase productivity and profits.

3.      Reduce Insurance Premiums

Good health and safety practices will be recognised and impact your insurance premiums over time. You should see a decrease which, like any reduction in running costs, is great for business. It shows your insurer recognises your commitment to your premises and worker safety.

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Working with a qualified and experienced health and safety consultancy such as ours ensures your health and safety assessments are thorough. It also ensures they are in line with the latest legislation. While you may feel you can adequately complete your risk assessment, it is often more effective and more thorough if you work with professionals like us. We can thoroughly assess your premises and we can also provide recommendations for going forward to improve your health and safety practices.

To find out more about health and safety assessments Kent businesses can rely on, talk to Risk Safety Services today.

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