Health and Safety Assessment

For Care Homes in Kent


Care providers have a duty to ensure their residents are and their needs, wishes and dignity are respected.

Care providers also have to ensure their employees have a safe and healthy work environment. Health and safety assessment for care homes in Kent helps in both these areas. With a full and comprehensive health and safety assessment, Kent care home owners have a full understanding of their current provision and guidance in where to improve. Risk Safety Services work with many care home owners and management teams across Kent.

We provide a range of health and safety consultancy services including health and safety assessment for care homes in Kent.

Care Home Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Risk assessments exist to reduce the chance of something dangerous happening to the subject of the assessment. Risk assessments should be advisory and contain guidance and strategies to help staff mitigate risks in the care home environment. Risk assessments should be reasonable and shouldn’t impact detrimentally on residents’ lives.

Health and safety assessment for care homes in Kent protect service users and staff from harm. Care home managers and owners should carry out risk assessments for each individual in their setting.

Business owners can carry out their own health and safety assessments. However, it is recommended that you work with professionals to ensure the highest standard of assessment. There are many risks to assess in a care home environment from fire risk to falls and slips that may be common in residents with certain conditions. Risk assessments must be in place before a resident moves in and all assessments must be updated if a new risk is identified.

Recognising “Reasonable Risks”

Risk prevention has to be a priority but it should not be to the detriment of quality of life or dignity. The Health and Safety Executive state care home owners should consider all “reasonable risks”. This means balancing the need to prevent harm with residents’ rights to enjoyment, happiness and comfort whilst living in the care home. Being overly risk averse can be as detrimental to someone’s life as being too lax.

Carrying out Health and Safety Assessments in Care Homes

The process for health and safety risk assessment is straightforward but with expert help, the process is much less time intensive, and you will have the conclusions you need more quickly. Our health and safety assessment process follows these steps:

  • Identifying risks and hazards: in care homes the hazards will be identified by inspecting and auditing the premises.
  • Determining who is at risk of harm: comprehensive risk assessments record the groups at risk of harm and how they are specifically at risk. Risks may occur in processes such as moving and handling or the use of mobility aids and equipment for example.
  • Evaluating risks and identifying control and safety measures: once you know the hazards and those at risk, it is important to look at preventative and safety measures. Control measures can be as simple as removing as trip hazard. They can also be complex and involve changing a person’s care plan to remove certain risks.
  • Recording findings and assessment: all organisations with 5 or more employees must record their risk assessments by law. We recommend you do this in all cases because it is best practice. We provide our clients with fully comprehensive health and safety assessments and reports.
  • Reviewing and updating periodically: we have already mentioned you must update your risk assessment when new hazards are identified. It is also worthwhile updating your assessments at least annually to ensure they are fully in date.

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