As specialists in health and safety, our expertise expands to Fire Safety and we have a range of Fire Safety Training E-learning courses for our clients to explore and choose from. The courses are all produced to the same high-level standard and ensure you and your employees have access to the level of information needed to work compliantly and have a full understanding of your fire safety requirements.

Below is a closer look at some of our fire safety training e-learning courses:

Basic Fire Training

We offer both a standard Basic Fire Training course. We also offer the same course but designed for workers in care homes with additional content. The course provides learners with a general understanding of fire awareness. The content includes:

  • what to do if there is a fire
  • how to prevent fires occurring
  • an introduction to the protocol of extinguishing a fire

Fire Extinguisher Training

As the name suggests this course is about to giving employees the information they need about fire extinguisher use. It helps business owners and staff understand the differences between different fire extinguishers. You will learn which extinguisher is necessary for which kind of fire and be ready for all situations.

Fire Marshal Training

Much like the Basic Fire Training course, this Fire Marshal Training course is available for both regular business and with additional content for care homes. This is offered in a separate dedicated course. Managing fire safety is essential. This course helps ensure your employees can deal with a fire emergency should one occur.

Our Fire Safety Training E-learning courses offer you the knowledge you need to have the skills to act in an emergency. The quicker you can act during an emergency the more you avoid any damage. Our fire safety training courses help ensure you have the skills to be proactive. Contact us today to find out more.

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