The risk of fire in schools is surprisingly high. Evidence shows that the cost of school fires is rising significantly. The measurable cost of arson attacks on schools as far back as 2001 was £65 million so this figure has surely increased. The potential damage and danger of a fire in a school cannot be underestimated. Appropriate fire safety for schools in Kent is essential and this is something Risk Safety Services can advise and help with.

Fire Risk Assessment for Schools

All schools are legally required to undertake fire risk assessments. These assessments should identify general fire precautions required to protect all people in the school. These precautions should include signalling safe means of escape.

Fire safety for schools in Kent is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order 2005. This sets out what must be done to meet minimum standards. It includes the need to:

  1. Put procedures in place to minimise the likelihood of a fire
  2. Provide appropriate fire detection and alarm systems
  3. Ensure all staff and pupils know the correct emergency evacuation plans

These are the basic requirements. All schools should also ensure visitors are aware of evacuation points and plans too and work to provide a safe environment for all. Any changes to a schools premises, design, purpose or intake requires a new assessment. Keeping risk assessments up to date is another legal requirement.

Kent Schools Fire Safety

Fire risk assessments are just one element of fire safety for schools in Kent. Best practice across the whole premises for avoiding and protecting against fires is essential. Working with Risk Safety Services we can look at your current procedures and advise on improvements. Even if you are meeting minimum standards we can suggest even more prudent measures for the protection of your school and pupils.

The risk of fire is high in premises which have such a volume of flammable materials. The potential risk is even higher when you consider the volume of people in any school environment. Proper fire safety for schools in Kent in essential. Risk Safety Services can consult and advise on improving yours.


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