It is a sad fact that Kent, like all the UK’s regions, sees many fires at business premises on a monthly basis. While the Fire Service carry out their work to an exceptional standard, business owners have an obligation to have certain fire safety procedures in place. Risk Safety Services offer support, consultancy and guidance in fire safety for businesses in Kent. We can work with your business, whatever size, to ensure you have the best possible procedures in place to act in the event of fire.

Fire Risk Assessment for Businesses

The responsible person for any business must carry out proper fire risk assessment. This assessment must be regularly reviewed and will set out what to do in the event of a fire on the premises. Written records are essential for businesses with five or more employees. An assessment will incorporate:

  • Identification of all fire hazards
  • Identification of all people potentially at risk
  • The evaluation, removal and reduction of risks where possible
  • Records of the findings
  • An emergency plan and appropriate training

There are many considerations for your risk assessment. It should look at everything from fire fighting equipment to emergency evacuation plans. It should also cover catering to the needs of vulnerable people on your premises and emergency routes and exists. Risk Safety Services can go through all the requirements with you and ensure you have the best possible procedures in place.

Fire Emergency Plans and Evacuation Drills

Your business requires a fire emergency plan and a safety protocol to keep all staff safe. This is a key element of fire safety for businesses in Kent and across the UK. We can help draft a plan suitable to the size of your business and with the safety of your employees in mind.

We can also go through the best practice for fire evacuation. Drills need to be part of your regular working routine to ensure everyone knows what to do. They are part of your employees’ fire safety training and help minimise risks in an emergency situation. We can help design, plan and implement for your fire safety management procedures, including drills. We can help streamline and organise your drills to make them more efficient and safe.

Risk Safety Services are here for your Kent business. We want you to work as safely and effectively as possible and to comply with fire regulations. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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