Fire Safety Consultancy Dover

Fire Safety Consultancy in Dover is now even easier for your organisation to arrange.

Whether you need a Fire Safety Inspection & Audit, Fire Risk Assessment or overall Fire Safety Management, here at Risk Safety Services, we can most certainly help.

However, the starting point for most businesses when it comes to their Fire Safety is often a Health and Safety Audit and Inspection.

Fire Safety Audit and Inspection

Risk Safety Services’ Fire Safety Audit and Inspection is often the first type of consultation our long-standing clients make.

Health and safety audits are a fundamental check of your company going beyond fire safety inspections to include an assessment of your fire safety policy, risk assessments, training and all aspects of how fire safety is managed within your company.

An inspection is a stand-alone task to independently review a company’s fire safety management plan.

The audit will essentially highlight the strengths and weakness within your existing safety structures, giving you an idea of what exactly your next steps should be with regard to this very important part of running a business.


What to expect during a Fire Safety Audit and Inspection

A premises inspection is required in order to ensure that all matters relating to fire safety fully comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Our inspection provides an overview of your fire safety arrangements:

  • Requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005;
  • Inspection of means of escape and maintenance thereof;
  • Effectiveness and maintenance of fire warning system;
  • Means of fighting fires effectively;
  • Effectiveness of fire fighting equipment;
  • Staff fire safety training – overview as to competence of fire safety personnel;
  • Risk of fire outbreak due to arson, terrorist activity and poor housekeeping;
  • Positioning of fire fighting equipment.


Other Fire Safety Services we offer

Risk Safety Service also offers a Fire Risk Assessment as well as Fire Safety Management.


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