Fire Safety Checklists for Kent Businesses are essential and required by law.  The impact of not having policies and procedures in place can be devastating for business owners.  Therefore, specialist fire safety consultants at Risk Safety Services are on standby to give you advice and assistance in every aspect of fire safety.

Risk Safety Services is a leading Health and Safety Consultancy in Kent and we work closely with you to understand your business.  Our fire safety experts take the confusion and complexity out of writing fire safety checklists so you can ensure the correct procedures are in place.

Home Office statistics show fires accounted for 28% of all incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) in 2019/20.  There were also 17 fatalities and 877 casualties in non-residential buildings.  Following a fire safety checklist will reduce the risk of fire to your business and ensure correct procedures are being followed.


Fire Safety Checklists

The Health and Safety Executive provides guidance about what to include in your fire safety checklists including;

  • Keep your sources of ignition and flammable substances apart
  • Avoid accidental fires, e.g. make sure your heaters cannot be knocked over
  • Ensure you apply good housekeeping at all times
  • Consider how you detect fires e.g. installing smoke alarms and fire alarms or bells
  • Have the correct fire-fighting equipment for putting a fire out quickly
  • Keep your fire exits and escape routes clearly marked and unobstructed at all times
  • Ensure your workers receive appropriate training on procedures they need to follow
  • Review and update your risk assessment regularly

You are responsible for fire safety in your business and fire safety checklists for Kent businesses are imperative.  However, the law also states you must have a fire safety risk assessment, an evacuation plan and appropriate equipment on site.  Therefore, to ensure you meet these requirements, Risk Safety Services can deliver health and safety advice and guidance.  We can also provide ongoing consultancy for added peace of mind.  Our experts will work with you and establish the required policies and procedures for your workplace.

Our Consultants are Chartered Members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and Members of the Institution of Fire Engineers.


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