Fire Safety Assessment For Warehouse In Kent

Looking for a fire safety assessment for a warehouse in Kent?

You’ll need to because it is a legal requirement.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that businesses have in place and carry out on a routine basis a fire risk assessment.

The responsible person for the premises is usually the employer, owner, or occupier.

They need to carry out this assessment or appoint a competent person to carry it out on their behalf.

These assessments are critical to ensuring that the property, all structures and staff members are safe.

And that risks are kept to a minimum.

Risk Safety Services can help

At Risk Safety Services, we’ve assessed every type of premises, from warehouses, homes, apartments, and schools, to high rise flats, stand alone structures, government buildings, and churches.

Our team of exerts has the training and experience to understand that every property is unique.

Plus, every situation and business is different when it comes to its fire escape plans and assessment needs.

Risk Safety Services will work closely with you and your team to ensure your fire risk assessment is conducted fairly.

And we will help you review your score and assist you with any changes or adjustments that need to be made.

What to expect at the assessment

We will send out a qualified assessor to your premises and they will carry out a sufficient fire risk assessment.

Following the visit, they will provide you with the full detailed report of their findings.

The report will list recommendations with a specific time-scale for completion to ensure your premises are safe.

The general areas we will help you with when it comes to your fire risk assessment include:

  • The various types of premises and their needs when it comes to fire risk assessment
  • Common areas that need to be considered for residential or non-business accommodation
  • Shops and offices and any special things that need to be done for those situations
  • Hotel inspections and assessments that need to be done for any other sleeping accommodation
  • Residential care premise inspections and reviews
  • Educational premises reviews and inspections
  • Meeting halls, churches, theatres, and other places of assembly
  • Outdoor event centres and stages
  • Developing fire escape plans for all premises and facilities
  • Healthcare premises and facilities
  • Transportation premises and facilities

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