Property managers and management companies hold many responsibilities. Fire safety and protection are the responsibly of the property manager as well as tenants. The right fire safety assessment for property management Kent companies put in place will ensure tenants’ safety. It will also ensure that the property complies with fire safety legislation.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 asserts regular maintenance of fire safety measures is a legal requirement. Property managers are directly involved in the day-to-day running and servicing of their properties and therefore they are responsible for fire safety. Fire safety assessments highlight any risks and ensure your property meets required compliance levels. We recommend partnering with fire safety assessment specialists like ourselves to ensure your properties meet the regulatory requirements and are safe places to live.

How to keep your tenants safe

Rental accommodation has to meet certain safety standards. In apartment buildings and dwellings of multiple occupancy it is important to ensure you meet safety levels. The basics required to keep your tenants safe include:

  1. Working smoke alarms on each floor of any residential accommodation
  2. Carbon monoxide alarms in any space where there is a solid fuel appliance such as open fires
  3. Regular checks on alarms before new tenancies begin
  4. Annual servicing and checking of appliances by a Gas Safe engineer
  5. Ensure any provided furniture meets safety standards for flammability
  6. Ensure any provided electrical equipment meets safety standards
  7. Keeping copies of any safety certificates and audits so they are accessible whenever required

Fire safety assessments are also vital to ensure properties are safe for tenants to move into.

Your Fire Safety Assessment for Property Management Kent

A comprehensive and properly managed fire risk assessment helps to identify measures necessary to make your properties as fire-safe as possible. Our specialist and highly trained fire risk assessors regularly attend multiple occupancy properties and new residential developments to provide risk assessments.

The assessment should cover all the common parts of a property and shares spaces. This also includes the building’s structure, external walls, and also doors into shared areas such as individual property’s front doors.

The safety measures necessary will differ dependent on the property and there is a lot of helpful guidance out there. You can explore the government guidance for purpose-built apartment buildings and fire safety in specialised housing. Our teams are experienced in working in various types of residential property, as well as commercial developments. We can also advise and recommend the relevant changes you need to ensure your business is fully compliant with fire safety law and safe for residents to move in.

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