Fire safety cannot be an afterthought for any business. If you own a factory or any manufacturing facility then you need to take fire seriously, along with all other health and safety requirements. Risk Safety Services provide fire safety assessment for factory in Kent. We can help ensure your factory is as safe as possible for your employees and visitors to your premises.

Not complying with fire safety regulations is not only dangerous, it risks your business future.

Factory Fire Safety Assessment

If you employ five or more people (including volunteers) you need to keep  a written record of your fire risk assessment. The assessment should detail hazards in your workplace and how you plan to manage them effectively and mitigate any risk. Fire safety assessments need to be reviewed regularly if there are any changes to the premises, working practices or personnel.

Your fire safety assessment also forms the basis for your emergency plan or dealing with any fire. Emergency plans are essential for ensuring people can act quickly and safely in the event of a fire. Regular evacuation drills are part of your emergency plan.

Common Fire Risks in Factories

The fire risks in your factory will depend on your practices, machinery and people. Common fire risks include:

Flammable and Hazardous Substances

Factory machinery and equipment may contain flammable substances. Maintaining equipment properly and training all employees to use equipment and machinery properly is vital to minimise this risk. Furthermore, in some factories you may have to work with hazardous materials every day so appropriate PPE is also part of your fire safety plan.

Storeroom and Stock Management

Overloaded storerooms or disorganised stock management can be a huge fire risk. If the stock isn’t properly stacked and stored, it becomes a significant hazard in the event of a fire. Proper provision of storage and ensuring you don’t hold onto unnecessary stock helps you to minimise fire risk. Ensuring you have the required extinguishers, smoke alarms and sprinkler systems can also help.

Factories are also at risk of misuse of electrical appliances, including cooking equipment and incorrect storage of combustible materials. Hot work such as working with gas torches or angle grinders may also be necessary and this poses a further fire risk.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Assessment for Factory in Kent

Working with professional fire safety experts like our team ensures peace of mind. We comprehensive assess every area of your business for fire risks and put together a full report of our findings. We can also provide recommendations and support for improving your fire safety and ensuring you comply with all legislation.

Contact Risk Safety Services today to discuss your factory’s fire safety needs.

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