Fire breaking out in any property is terrifying, but in care homes where many residents may have little or no mobility, there is even more to fear. Fires are potentially fatal and this is why there are legal obligations for all care home owners and managers to protect residents. You must have comprehensive fire safety assessment for care homes in Kent and Risk Safety Services can help with that.

Care homes almost always house vulnerable people so protecting them from fire risk is essential. Here we’ll look more closely at the law and also how our company can help with your fire safety assessments.

Fire Safety Regulations for Care Homes

Care homes are protected by two pieces of legislation:

1.  The Care Home Regulations Act (2001)

The Care Home Regulations Act (2001), sets out regulations for ensuring fire safety regulations in care homes are met. It also covers how care homes should approach fire safety, and how complaints should be handled.

Care home managers hold several key responsibilities according to this act including:

  1. Consulting with fire authorities for the most effective fire safety strategy for the care home
  2. Undertaking all precautions to reduce the risk of fire
  3. Put in place necessary mechanisms for quick fire detection, containment and extinguishing
  4. Caring for all fire equipment ensuring it is fit for purpose
  5. Appointing a properly trained fire warden at the care home
  6. Providing adequate training for all staff
  7. Organising regular fire drills and documenting the result of each drill

2.  The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all businesses including care homes. It provides broad guidance for ensuring total fire safety.

This law provides guidelines on how to carry out fire assessments, how to detect fires, how to minimise risks, the training and the details on the persons responsible for enforcing the order. Furthermore, fire authorities have a right to make regular inspections to ensure that your care home fully complies with these regulations.

Fire Safety Assessments

Risk Safety Services can help your business carry out the vital fire risk assessments necessary to safeguard residents and your care home. Our experienced team will visit your site and carry out a full and comprehensive fire safety assessment. It will include:

  • Identification of potential fire hazards
  • Defining who is at risk in case of a fire including detailing vulnerabilities specific to residents
  • Determining the fire precautions need for a safe environment
  • Recording a written report of the assessment

Our team regularly maintain long relationships with our clients and we can provide periodic safety assessments to ensure your care home maintains standards and remains as fire safe as possible. We can also review and update your fire safety protocols as often as you require.

Contact us for Fire Safety Assessment For Care Homes In Kent

Risk Safety Services employs highly experienced fire safety consultants. We’re ready to help improve your fire safety and create the safest possible home for your residents. Contact us today to find out more.

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