A fire risk assessment Kent can benefit your business substantially. It can help your business to identify issues. Furthermore, you can subsequently put in place the measures that can lower the risk of fire in your premises. At Risk Safety Services, we conduct fire risk assessment Kent to help your business improve its fire safety and to give you peace of mind.

Do I need a fire risk assessment Kent?

A fire risk assessment Kent offers many benefits. However, it is also a legal requirement. In the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it states that businesses must conduct a regular fire risk assessment.

Furthermore, if there are five or more regular occupants of the premises, then the finding of the risk assessment must be written down.

Can I do a fire risk assessment Kent myself?

The law states that the person responsible for the premises must carry out the fire risk assessment. However, most businesses will delegate the role to a competent person. You may have a competent person available in the business. Although, for peace of mind, many prefer to contract an expert in fire safety to complete the fire risk assessment. At Risk Safety Services, all of our assessors are highly trained and experienced in the fire safety field.

How can Risk Safety Services help?

When we conduct a fire risk assessment Kent for businesses in the area, we work closely with the team to ensure a fair and accurate report. Furthermore, we will explain our findings clearly and help you to put in place any necessary measures that can improve your score.

Risk Safety Services conduct fire risk assessments across a range of premises such as schools, flats, warehouses and government buildings. If your business is due for a fire risk assessment, then book yours today by emailing  info@risksafetyservices.co.uk.


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