Businesses should ensure that they have the most practical and suitable fire safety measures in place. Fire safety measures could include aspects such as necessary fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers. It may also include elements such as fire safety training and functioning fire alarm systems. In order to determine what your business needs to improve fire safety; a fire risk assessment is a great place to start. At Risk Safety Services we offer expert fire risk assessment Kent for business across the region.

Why conduct a fire risk assessment?

For UK businesses, there is a legal requirement to conduct a fire risk assessment. Regardless of the business type, from warehouses, shops, offices and factories, a fire risk assessment can help to determine the fire safety measures that you have in place. As the name suggests, a fire risk assessment underlines the potential risk of a fire, based on the building and fire safety measures in place.

A fire risk assessment does not have to be daunting, but it does need to be conducted by a competent person. At Risk Safety Services, we complete many fire risk assessments Kent for businesses in the local area. We work closely with each business and offer friendly, helpful advice. Furthermore, the team make sure to complete each fire risk assessment in Kent fairly. As well as this, we will happily explain each aspect so that you can understand your score and the measures that you may wish to put in place.

After a fire risk assessment is complete, your business can showcase its safety. As well as this, your company shows a commitment to the safeguarding of workers and the public from the devastating effects of fire.

Conducting fire risk assessment Kent

If your business in Kent needs to review its fire safety measures, then Risk Safety Services can help. Call the team on 0843 523 0410 for a free fire risk assessment quote.

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