Kent Fire and Rescue Services regularly publish reports into their performance. Sadly, there many examples of fires in business premises every year. While fires are an unfortunate accident a lot of the time, there are ways you can protect your business against the risk of fire. As well as a good idea for your business, fire risk assessment is a legal requirement.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it law that all businesses must carry out a routine fire risk safety assessment. This assessment needs to be carried out by the premises’ responsible person. This is usually the employer, occupier or owner or they can ask a competent person to do it on their own behalf.

Why should Fire Risk Assessment matter to your Business?

A Fire Risk Assessment is your legal duty. However, is also a valuable protective measure for your business. With the right information and full assessment, you can dramatically reduce the risk of fire to your Kent business. Fire risk assessment in Kent is available via professional providers such as our business, ensuring you meet the standards necessary to comply with law.

All businesses of all kinds from retail stores to warehouses and government buildings and churches need a fire risk assessment.

Without a fire risk assessment your business is not operating legally, and it is not a safe place for your colleagues or customers to be.

How we can help with your Fire Risk Assessment

Risk Safety Services work closely with your team to put the correct risk assessment in place. Your premises will receive a score in relation to fire safety. Then, we will assist you with any changes needed. We work with you to get your premises up to the safety standard needed by law and for your peace of mind and protection. We can provide fire risk assessment in Kent to businesses in different sectors including:

  • Specific requirements for residential business for property management companies and landlords
  • Specialist guidance for sleeping accommodation such as hotels where additional safety measures are needed
  • Residential care premise inspections and reviews
  • Educational premises reviews and inspections
  • Meeting halls, churches, theatres, and other places of assembly
  • Outdoor event centres and stages
  • Developing fire escape plans for all premises and facilities
  • Healthcare premises and facilities
  • Transportation premises and facilities

The right fire risk assessment and fire escape plan are essential for your business to comply with law and run a fire-safe premises. While Kent Fire and Rescue Services do a fantastic job, it’s better for business if you don’t need to call upon their services. At Risk Safety Services we work with a wide range of business owners to create fire safe businesses across Kent.

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