Kent Fire and Rescue Service regularly have to deal with fires, both accidental and arson, across the region. If your business is unfortunately the victim of a fire, as happened to these Faversham shops, then handling the fallout is much easier if you have the right risk assessments in place. Fire risk assessment for shops in Kent is absolutely essential. Not only is it necessary to comply with law, it also guarantees you have peace of mind and the controls in place should the worst occur.

Fire Risk Assessment for Shops in Kent

Some of the key fire risk assessments for shops happen because of human error and carelessness. The risks vary dependent on the exact nature of the shop in question. You can carry out your own risk assessments which comply with law. However, many shop owners choose to work with professional health and safety consultants. Professionals can carry out comprehensive fire risk assessment for shops in Kent and provide pointers for improving your current controls.

Some of the key fire risk assessments in and around shops include:

  • Discarded cigarettes: still a big issue in public places. Both cigarettes from the general public and staff members can be a real fire risk.
  • Storerooms and warehouse rooms: where you may find large quantities of paper and similar items stored alongside flammable liquids such as ink.
  • Tea rooms and kitchenettes: the electric equipment plus the risk of food being left unattended make these areas particularly high risk.
  • Electrical appliances: always a fire risk. All electrical appliances should be assessed and regularly checked to ensure they are safe for use.

A professional, comprehensive fire risk assessment for shops in Kent ensures you have best practice protocols in place. Working with a health and safety partner like Risk Safety Services ensures you have an expert on hand to guide you through the process.

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