Running a care home comes with multiple responsibilities. However, the safety of your residents is number one and this includes fire safety provisions. There are regulations in place to ensure all care home owners provide a safe environment for residents. This also includes fire risk assessment. Fire risk assessments for care homes Kent business owners run can easily be provided by the team here at Risk Safety Services. We work with many businesses in this sector to ensure their care homes are fire safe.

Legislation for Care Home Fire Safety

There are two main laws that protect care home residents and govern fire safety. The Care Home Regulations Act (2001) provides regulations for ensuring fire safety regulations in care homes are met, how care homes should approach fire safety, and how complaints should be handled.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 law provides detailed guidelines on how to carry out fire assessments, how to detect fires, how to minimise the risk of an outbreak and who is responsible for enforcing the order.

Fire authorities regularly visit local businesses, including care homes, to ensure they have appropriate provisions and risk assessments in place. Therefore, it is vital your business’ fire risk assessments are up to date.

Fire Risk Assessments and Plans

Your care homes fire plan and risk assessment must look at the level of risk to all residents and staff. Care homes in particular must pay special attention to the physical attributes of residents. Many residents may have mobility issues. Consequently, this may impact evacuation routes. You may also need to include Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans within your wider assessment, for individuals who cannot safely leave the home without help.

Fire alarms, signage, fire doors and extinguishers are all vital in care home properties. There are specific legislative requirements for the size of fire safety signs, Similarly, you must test alarms on a weekly basis and regularly maintained to ensure they are fully functional.

All care homes require a “Responsible Person” by law. This person is responsible for the risk assessments and planning action if there were to be a fire. They need to keep records of any risks and take action to minimise and prevent any hazards on-site. Appropriate staff training in fire safety is also essential for ensuring a safe place to live for all residents.

Professional Fire Risk Assessment for Care Homes Kent

Risk Safety Services can carry out professional fire risk assessments for your Kent care home. Our teams are experienced and know the risks to look out for and can provide recommendations for improvements. Furthermore, we can ensure you have all the measures in place necessary to comply with law and ensure you are ready for any inspection from the fire authorities.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment and allow us to carry out a full risk assessment for your business.

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