At the time of writing, Kent Fire and Rescue Service had attended 3989 incidents in 2022, with more surely to come throughout the year. The risk of fire to any business cannot be underestimated. This is why fire risk assessment is so important and a legal requirement. The fire  risk assessment Folkestone businesses look for has to meet legal requirements and provide the level of protection the business needs. Folkestone has a thriving business community and organisations owe it to their clients and employees to provide appropriate fire risk assessments.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it law that all businesses must carry out a routine fire risk safety assessment. This assessment needs to be carried out by the premises’ “responsible person”. This is usually the employer, occupier or owner or they can ask a competent person to do it on their own behalf.

Fire Risk Assessments for your Folkestone Business

Fire risk assessments are your legal duty as a businessowner and employer. However, they are also a valuable protective measure for your business. With the right information and full assessment, you can dramatically reduce the risk of fire in your Folkestone-based business. Fire risk assessment in Folkestone is something we offer as professional fire safety consultants. We can carry out assessments of your business to ensure it is compliant with law. We also work to ensure it is not found to be negligent if inspected.

Every type of business needs a full and comprehensive fire risk assessment. Whether you run a Folkestone fish and chip shop, a local primary school or a large warehouse, you need to have the right risk assessments in place. With no risk assessment, your business is not operating legally or safely.

Risk Safety Services for your Fire Risk Assessment Folkestone

Risk Safety Services work closely with your team to put the correct risk assessment in place. Our specialists will assess and audit your premises. Then, they will provide you with a score explaining your fire safety level. If required, we can also assist you with any changes and recommendations your business may need. We are here and ready to help your business meet the standards necessary to comply with law. We also want to help your business protect its employees. Our expertise covers many different industries, and we can work with both public and private sector organisations to ensure a fire safe and compliant workplace.

Our work supports that of the Kent Fire and Rescue Service. We hope to ensure your business does not need their services at any time. We focus on ensuring the risk of fire is minimal. We’re here to help bring your Folkestone business up to standard and keep fire risks low.

Contact Risk Safety Services Today

Our expert teams are ready and waiting to support your local business. Contact us today to book a fire risk assessment and see how we can help your business meet its compliance goals.

Image source: stephen watt / Folkestone East from the hills

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